Here comes the Shred Gods once more..

CGF 2010

CGF 2010

Yup, CGF 2010 is upon us once again. Everybody’s busy rehearsing especially when the event is this coming week starting tomorrow (Nov 25).

Of course yours truly will be playing on the said event.

But unlike last year or the year before that, I opted to playing with one group instead of playing with various groups this time around.(Btw, I’m playing with Lorenz, Stuart, and Din din’s group.)

The reason?

Probably because I can’t commit to different rehearsals and skeds like I used to before.

Anyway, for those curious guitar fans wondering when their favorite guitar players are scheduled to perform, I have the actual dates of the event.

Line-up for this year’s Cebu Guitar Festival:

November 25 (Thursday) 7PM – 12MN

Joel Oporto, Prudence Salutillo, Paul Caca, Jad Bantug, Scott Lequido, Rio Dumdum, Tito Quijano, Ryan Quijano, Erbert Quijano,Ruben Flores, Dante Castillo, John Walden, Joric Maglanque, Ed Russakoff, Jonathan Tejano, Junx Muana, Noli Aurillo

November 26 (Friday)7PM – 1AM

Lito Fajardo, Kimrock Jo, Romel Santiago, Danny Mumar, Sam Codilla, Lloyd Escario, Mamai Cinco, Tyke Elizaga, Doobie Elizaga, Cattski Espina, Mary Ruth Baracao, Alphecca Pistachio, Arciemon, Tracy Teves, JP Arellano, Matyu Sanson, Paul Aguilar, Mokie Taga, Jimik Sacro, Jam Quijano,Gavin Aninon, Manny Amador, Jon Vistal

November 27 (Saturday)1PM – 2AM

Chris Amores, Dominic Moncada, rm 202 guitar players, Makuz Cortez, Carlo Villarica, Janry Aliganga, Gaz Perez, Joshua Lee T. Muñoz, Nathaniel M. Gajudo, Emerson Dungog, Richie Amoin, JP Manansala, Ted Garcia, Dondon Luche, Lorenz Ostrea, Joy Dindin, Stuart Abella, Josh Penalosa, Jaan Quijano, Barry Visoc, Czedric Fernandez, Jay Young, Jeremie Lim, Johnus Verdida, Wesley Chiongbian, Garret Pesodas, Jeremy Custodio, Teban Go, Fern Villaflor, Reinar Bongancisco, Jud Sala, Ritzi Ariba, Heinrich Lesama, Emi Cabigas,Timmy Blanco, Alvin Gindoy, Vonay Sanchez, Ryan Yap, Henry Tradio, Arnold Ang, Randy Pages, Brian Estillore, Franklin Veloso, Archie Uy, Pauldo Canada, Razorback, Wally Gonzales.

There you go! So I’ll be seeing each and everyone of you guys and gals on this once a year festival.
Let the Malts and Shreds begin!!

~ by roadworthyman on November 24, 2010.

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