X’mas rants or not…

Howdy howdy…Back in good o’l blogland.  Makes me wonder if I am fully capable of motivating myself to blog here and there.

Well, what can I say? I am currently a somewhat lazy bastard of a blogger. Nay, a slob…No….A douche…Wait….Aww forget it.

Anyway, just a few rants straight from this “slob.”

– I played for the “Badland Bandits”(Yup, that is the name given by the trio of Lorenz,Stuart, and Din2 for Cebu Guitarfestival 2010) and managed to stay at bay with the rest of the guys, considering we were only rehearsing once a week. Nevertheless, a job well done to the bandits!

– My current company is trying to stay afloat. Yes, sadly the “powers-that-be” has decided to trim down our team and some of us won’t be in the same boat as the others. (I guess it is time to fly and look for another hive to cultivate. What you think?)

– X’mas season is indeed around the corner and everywhere I go people are shopping and hoarding all the pre x’mas sale items. (Golly, that reminds me…I need to buy some gifts as well. See? I am a lazy slob!)

That’s it for now..I know….I know….Sooo lazy of me to blog…Oh well…Ciao!


~ by roadworthyman on December 8, 2010.

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