A blast from the past?! I’d like to think so..

Howdy folks! RWM checkin in from the blog down under.

My..My..Haven’t blogged since New Year!

Reason being is again work, work, work…and yes gigs.

Anyway, the whole Sinulog Weekend took most of my time and it sure was a blast since I was playing with my band Kage during those days.

Currently, I have my hands full on the upcoming reunion gig tonight that me and Lorenz Ostrea(Pandora Guitarist) organized late last year.

What reunion gig you ask?

Well, this small event is sort of a revisit of our former high school bands back when we were just starting out chugging tunes from the likes of Metallica, Pantera, and other metal bands.

I formed my band Militia who played such cover songs from these bands since me and the band cite them as major influences in our music.

Lorenz was from the band Invictus(Ironically, also cite the same artists that I mentioned earlier as their influences as well.)

In the middle of 1994, we(Lorenz and I) met at the battle of the bands to what we now know as “Showground: The Search for the Best Band”

Yeah, those were good times.

Fast forward 16 years later, over long talks and some alcohol intake on the sides, Lorenz and I decided to organized a mini reunion for our bands just for the fun of it.

Well, one thing led to another and whola!

“Showground: The Reunion 2011.”

We included the band Mobydick since their drummer Keith Omega was also present during those long talks. (Also, they were one of the Showground finalists along with our bands)

So now, the stage is set. The bands have been preparing for tonight’s event.

Everybody is anxious and excited on what the turnout would be.

I’m feeling the pressure right now.

Expectations are really high.

We hope that we won’t fall flat on other people’s faces for this gig.

Anyway, I’m inviting each and every malter out there to come and support for what could be a once in a lifetime reunion gig tonight at Handuraw Cafe, along Gorordo Ave. Lahug.

Show starts 9:30pm

Entrance is absolutely free.

We promise a night of fun, music, and most of all Malt!

See you peeps tonight! Gotta prepare myself for the gig.



~ by roadworthyman on February 19, 2011.

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