Here, there, and everywhere rants again!

Greetings bloglings, er..Earthlings would probably more appropriate don’t you think?

Here I am back from the blog down under to rant on my late delayed thoughts.

Yes, I know ..I haven’t blogged since my last event*  See last blog entry – ed

Anyhow, lots of things have been happening after that.

Let’s now go to my so-called “Random List” of events shall we?

To start things off:

– was moved to another department to work as a sales agent. (Good change of environment for me!)

– celebrated my birthday together with my Gf’s birthday as well, since our natal days has one week interval.

– my bestfriend Cocoy Reyes (Black Coffee Sundae vocalist) finally tied the knot with his ever lovely fiancee Meljean last April 7 with the presence of his Best Man(That’s me!) bandmates, friends, families and loved ones. *Congrads to both of you!

– went to my bandmate’s rest house somewhere in San Remigio together with friends and families.

– went to Boracay with my Gf’s family to spend Holy week there. (Yeah, so sosyal right?)

– went outing at the beach with some of the Studs to mark Cocoy’s despedida.(What’s with beach outings? Oh right Summer!)

– played around the metro with various bands (As if that’s something new!)

– played at the first “Tambolero sa Sugbo” event held last Saturday at both the Ayala Activity center and Terraces.

That’s all for now..I know…..I am still that damned lazy….Ciao!

~ by roadworthyman on June 13, 2011.

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