Howdy. I was rummaging through some of my old “saved” posts within the confines of my blog and came across this particular piece that I wrote so eons ago during the time when my dad passed away.

Actually, my former bandmate asked me to write any song that stems from what I was experiencing back then.

So, being as a so-called “Songwriter,” I wrote this piece in one session, coupled with some guitar melody that I came up as well.

This song is about what I was going through after my Dad’s passing.

I hope to one day record this piece and possibly release this online as well

The song is titled “Say”


So you walked away from me
Not a word was spoken, you gave me silence
(maybe) I should have said something before you left (me)
But I held back without saying anything
You stared at me with (that) long emptiness inside
I looked at you guessing what’s right
Those haunting eyes piercing at my soul
This must be your answer about the end of it all

Should I say something to make things right?
Should I say I want to turn back time?
Should I say I want you back again tonight?
I can’t say, I can never say…

So you walked away from me
Different words were spoken back then
Time wasn’t on our side, we needed to say goodbye
I learned later on it wasn’t you to blame
But others who placed you in that shame

I see you in my dreams at night
Staring at me with those sad kind eyes
Not a word was spoken, you stood there with silence
I wanted to say something before you disappeared
But, (my) tears were the words for you to see

So should I say something back at you?
So should I say I missed you every waking moment?
So should I say I’m still longing to see you?
No, I can’t say. I can never say..

So I walk away from you
Taking these memories of yesterday
And waking up to a brand new day
Then I’ll be over you today

Maybe I should say something to you
Then maybe I can make this pain go away
Maybe I should say something to you
Then everything will be okay..

No, I can’t say…I can never say…

I can’t say…

~ by roadworthyman on June 14, 2011.

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