Thank you Dude….See you when I’ll see you….

Last Friday afternoon, I got the jolt of the my life when I heard the news about the death of one of Cebu’s guitar heroes and good friend Manny Amador.

For a moment there, I couldn’t believe the news.

I pictured out Manny with his ever incredible energy talking about anything under the Sun, never running out of stories to tell.

Then, it dawned upon me.

One of my idols and guitar hero has left us all without even saying goodbye.

I started reminicing the times that we jammed together.

Be it on stage or just mingling around after the set, Manny never ceases to amaze me with his stories about everything related to music and other topics as well.

Now, I am still in a state of denial on his passing.

You see, I grew up listening to Manny Amador and his band The Breed way back in the 90’s.

They managed to released an album titled “Free” on which my favorite track “Black Mercedez Benz” can be found.

Like a true blue fanboy, I memorized the ‘Benz song and over the years started singing and playing guitar on it on some occasions.

Then, Manny left the band to concentrate on his other endeavors, which left him out of the spotlight for many years.

In the middle of 2003 or ’04, I stumbled upon him in a place where I happened to frequent also during weekends.

This was Kahayag Cafe. 

I recognized him and was star strucked seeing my idol in this side of the town.

He was up on stage having played a couple of covers and was now asking the audience for any requests.

Mustering enough confidence, I blurted out “Black Mercedez Benz,” which to my dismay he politely denied my request.

The reason being?

He forgot the lyrics to the song that he wrote years ago.

Then, just like an opening Manny said he’ll play it if I’ll sing it.

That didn’t take me long to join him on stage playing guitar and singing the ‘Benz with him on lead guitar and back ground vocals.

Needless to say, that was one of my surreal moments that will always stick in my mind even up to now.

Eventually, he formed his own band “MNX” and decided to settle here in Cebu.  

Now with Manny gone, stories, anecdotes, memories of him will always be a topic among his friends and colleagues for years to come.

So, before I bid adieu to my friend, let me just take the time to say a couple of things:

Manny, I would like to thank you for that memorable experience jamming and singing the ‘Benz with you for the first time at Kahayag Cafe.

The times, when you needed a drummer to session with your band MNX at the last minute, to which I could never say no to you.

This I would like to say I am humbled by the fact that you have faith and confidence in me to get the job done.

For that I thank you..

For having played with you during Cebu Guitar Festival ’08 and ’09 as well.

Thank you..

For the advises and other stories that you shared about the music scene in Manila.

I thank you….

Lastly, for being a humbled down, wonderful human being that you truly are…

Thank you….

Rest in peace my friend.

You now have an eternity to keep on rocking up there in Heaven.

I’ll see you someday dude…Good night.

~ by roadworthyman on July 28, 2011.

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