An emotional train passing by…..

Well, well….Finally found the time to blog again. I checked my last entry and it was back in Sept of last year!?!

Really? That’s how long I have been soo lazy with bloggin in this page?!

A lot has happened I’ll tell you that.

Times change, and so does everyone around you.

Let’s just say 2011 wasn’t too kind to me.

I was hoping 2012 was the new year for me.

Then, middle of January last month, I lost someone dear to me through Asthma.

Painful it may seemed, but I guess there’s a reason for everything.

She happens to be my mom’s younger sis.

I leave it up to the big man above to take care of my aunt wherever her journey may take her.

For now, I’m trying to regain my balance and make some sense into what’s coming for me.

Anyhow, valentines is coming up..I guess I belong in the firing squad this time…..



~ by roadworthyman on February 12, 2012.

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