About that Roadworthyguy


Roadworthyman is a self quirky kinky kinda guy, who likes to water and talk to his plants in the mornings. He watches Boy and Kris mid mornings.  Cries when watching Kung Fu kids, and hides behind his blankets when watching Lobo. He likes to window shop at Sm Ayala branch and has been been known to hang out at Club Ultima, dancing Aerobics with the other born again eaters. His fetish choice of food is ice candy and curly tops. He silently adores and idolizes the three kings: Joseph Estrada, Fernando Poe Jr., and Eddie Gill for being “Unsung Heroes” of his generation, while he admires Leo Lastimosa, Inah Reformina, Jun Rey Nadela, and Ogie Diaz for being upbeat on the news in the mornings.


3 Responses to “About that Roadworthyguy”

  1. “Roadworthyman”
    it really caught my attention for it is one of my fave songs:
    Roadworthy Man by Wolfgang.. 😀
    Great posts! XD

  2. good songs sir..
    and by the way, sorry for what happened to your dad…
    we know he’s happy right now.. 🙂

  3. linked u up bai.

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