My Twelve Days of Maltrishmas..*Hick!*

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Heyo! Back in Blogland and still capable of bloggin yesiree..

Since this month everyone will be celebrating X’mas Day(That includes me!) I decided to post some kind of a song as a sort of tribute for the yuletide season(especially for a serious malter like me!)

What song is ask?

Well, I searched high and low for a perfect song to blog about during this season and I found one in the form of Twelve Days Of Christmas.

So, instead of the usual lyrics that you folks are so accustomed to, I decided to rewrite the entire part just for kicks.

Anyway, here’s my take on that particular song:

My Twelve Days of Maltrishmas

On the 1st day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

And the last thing is Gilbeys

On the 2nd day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Two Tanduays

On the 3th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Three San Migs

On the 4th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Four Carlsbergs

On the 5th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Five Gold Eagle Beers

On the 6th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Six White Castle Whiskeys

On the 7th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Seven Bourbon Whiskeys

On the 8th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Eight Cerveza Negras

On the 9th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Nine Pale Pilsen

On the 10th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Ten Manila Beers

On the 11th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Eleven Red Horse

On the 12th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Twelve Tiger Beers

There you go folks…..Till the next rant…..Ho ho ho ho ho…


X’mas rants or not…

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Howdy howdy…Back in good o’l blogland.  Makes me wonder if I am fully capable of motivating myself to blog here and there.

Well, what can I say? I am currently a somewhat lazy bastard of a blogger. Nay, a slob…No….A douche…Wait….Aww forget it.

Anyway, just a few rants straight from this “slob.”

– I played for the “Badland Bandits”(Yup, that is the name given by the trio of Lorenz,Stuart, and Din2 for Cebu Guitarfestival 2010) and managed to stay at bay with the rest of the guys, considering we were only rehearsing once a week. Nevertheless, a job well done to the bandits!

– My current company is trying to stay afloat. Yes, sadly the “powers-that-be” has decided to trim down our team and some of us won’t be in the same boat as the others. (I guess it is time to fly and look for another hive to cultivate. What you think?)

– X’mas season is indeed around the corner and everywhere I go people are shopping and hoarding all the pre x’mas sale items. (Golly, that reminds me…I need to buy some gifts as well. See? I am a lazy slob!)

That’s it for now..I know….I know….Sooo lazy of me to blog…Oh well…Ciao!


Here comes the Shred Gods once more..

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CGF 2010

CGF 2010

Yup, CGF 2010 is upon us once again. Everybody’s busy rehearsing especially when the event is this coming week starting tomorrow (Nov 25).

Of course yours truly will be playing on the said event.

But unlike last year or the year before that, I opted to playing with one group instead of playing with various groups this time around.(Btw, I’m playing with Lorenz, Stuart, and Din din’s group.)

The reason?

Probably because I can’t commit to different rehearsals and skeds like I used to before.

Anyway, for those curious guitar fans wondering when their favorite guitar players are scheduled to perform, I have the actual dates of the event.

Line-up for this year’s Cebu Guitar Festival:

November 25 (Thursday) 7PM – 12MN

Joel Oporto, Prudence Salutillo, Paul Caca, Jad Bantug, Scott Lequido, Rio Dumdum, Tito Quijano, Ryan Quijano, Erbert Quijano,Ruben Flores, Dante Castillo, John Walden, Joric Maglanque, Ed Russakoff, Jonathan Tejano, Junx Muana, Noli Aurillo

November 26 (Friday)7PM – 1AM

Lito Fajardo, Kimrock Jo, Romel Santiago, Danny Mumar, Sam Codilla, Lloyd Escario, Mamai Cinco, Tyke Elizaga, Doobie Elizaga, Cattski Espina, Mary Ruth Baracao, Alphecca Pistachio, Arciemon, Tracy Teves, JP Arellano, Matyu Sanson, Paul Aguilar, Mokie Taga, Jimik Sacro, Jam Quijano,Gavin Aninon, Manny Amador, Jon Vistal

November 27 (Saturday)1PM – 2AM

Chris Amores, Dominic Moncada, rm 202 guitar players, Makuz Cortez, Carlo Villarica, Janry Aliganga, Gaz Perez, Joshua Lee T. Muñoz, Nathaniel M. Gajudo, Emerson Dungog, Richie Amoin, JP Manansala, Ted Garcia, Dondon Luche, Lorenz Ostrea, Joy Dindin, Stuart Abella, Josh Penalosa, Jaan Quijano, Barry Visoc, Czedric Fernandez, Jay Young, Jeremie Lim, Johnus Verdida, Wesley Chiongbian, Garret Pesodas, Jeremy Custodio, Teban Go, Fern Villaflor, Reinar Bongancisco, Jud Sala, Ritzi Ariba, Heinrich Lesama, Emi Cabigas,Timmy Blanco, Alvin Gindoy, Vonay Sanchez, Ryan Yap, Henry Tradio, Arnold Ang, Randy Pages, Brian Estillore, Franklin Veloso, Archie Uy, Pauldo Canada, Razorback, Wally Gonzales.

There you go! So I’ll be seeing each and everyone of you guys and gals on this once a year festival.
Let the Malts and Shreds begin!!

Again with the delayed rant…Tsk..Tsk..

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Man oh man I haven’t blogged in somewhat ages!

Again, I blame it on the so-called “busy at work” thingy as always.

Seriously, my entire time has been spent on work and sometimes on gigs. (Riightt! *Wink* *Wink)

Yup, a lot has happened since my last blog and wouldn’t you know?

X’mas is around the corner once again.

Okay…Okay, I’m going to do my so-called “breakdown list of what’s happened to me lately.

– I celebrated my bday last April(Yes! That long!) with my barkadas.(A reunion of sorts of The Original Studs!)

– I went beach bonding with the studs (Yes, we had another reunion of sorts and had sooo much fun!)

– I voted on the May Elections (My choice was the Gibo dude!) Too bad he didn’t win.

– I played on a couple of event gigs with some of my bands (As always!)

–  I produced Black Waters’ first single “My Mistake” which was featured at NU107 Raw Beginnings and Killer Bee.

– I guested on RCTV’S CHA One on one with Zzubu.(We played Zzubu’s single “Ayawg Ilara)

– I recorded a track with my new side project band SpaceWalk Superhero. (The track was featured for Raw Beginnings)

– I met someone special in my life during the month of June. (And yes, I am getting sappy, and yes we are a couple nowadays!)

– I recently turned a year older in my current company.(Yes, salary increase! Salary increase!)

– My side project band Leukemia was also featured for NU107’s Raw Beginning recently.

– I recently played on the reunion gig for metal band Postmortem.

– I went to the cemetery and visited my Dad, grandparents, and relatives.

Now, on to current stuff:

– I’ll be recording another track with my project band SWSH soon.

– I’ll be busy rehearsing starting this month for Cebu Guitar Festival

– I’m planning to xmas shop as early as I can (Yeah, so that I won’t have to deal with smart assed shoppers who tend to hog all the goodies for their loved ones.)

– I’m planning to go on a vacation. (Something that I might take into consideration due to funds.)

– I’m planning to lessen my intake on Malt(Yeah, right!)

That’s all the rants I can spare for the moment folks.

Hopefully the next time I rant it won’t be this long….Gotta remind myself to blog once in a while….Oh well….Ciao!

Where were you rants?

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Golly! It’s been like a month or so not visiting my inner space or sanctum if you will.

Work and gigs kept me from ever ranting on this page.

Now, I’m making up for lost space and time.

Here’s some of the happenings that kept me busy for a while last month:

Sinulog Festival Weekend – Played in different venues with my band Kage, and then on the actual festivities, made a side gig at some friend’s rehearsal studio and played with my other band Black Coffee Sundae. *People were drunk by then and we had to obliged to some of their insane requests, don’t ask!

Black Coffee Sundae Reunion – This was one of the reasons why I couldn’t find time to blog. What, with me in charge of organizing the gig and booking rehearsals with this band, how can I find time to rant right? *The gig was a success, too bad I couldn’t remember the good stuff  since people enjoyed that night.

Over Time at the Office – Yeah, we’re working our butts off almost every week since we were given certain deadlines to finish our pending work. The good side is that you get to have extra much bucks! The bad side is sacrificing a lot of your precious time. *Whatever that means!

Now, on to the current ones shall we?

I am still involved with other band projects as I speak.

I’ll be listening to one of the recorded tracks for my band Beverage this week. So, studio time is in the works.

Also, this week I’ll be rehearsing with my new band for an upcoming guitar event happening this coming Feb 27 at Parkmall.

There goes my “precious time.”

Anyhow, gotta scoot! I’ll be playing with my band Kage tonight at some bar around the metro.


A Brand New Year!

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I have been quite since my last blog about the Cebu Guitar Festival that happened way back November of last year.

Reason being was that I was sooo caught up with my work that even bloggin on this page was out of the question.

Anyway, just to have a short recap of  what has happened so far back in 2009:

– I went to the last Eraserheads reunion concert in Manila.

– I met different kinds of people and stayed in touch with them thru facebook.*Sheesh…I know so not like me. But hey! If you can’t beat them, join them.

– I left my previous company and stayed jobless for a couple of weeks.

– I recorded and produced a couple of songs with some of my bands.

– I produced a demo song for a new band under a friend’s management.

–  I ended up working for a company that has a fixed and relaxed work sked.*Perfect!

– My project band Zafra finally released the Kismet Singles EP album.

– I recorded two new demos for Zafra for our upcoming album.

– The Cebu Guitar Festival ’09 was a success. Rehearsals was sooo tiring, but it all paid off *Congrads to all the shredmasters for a job well done!

– My former band Pandora finally released their album on which I played drums on all of the tracks.

– Made a side trip to the Durian down under to visit the ‘ma and spend x’mas with her.

Now for 2010’s goals or resolutions, they would have to be:

– To set my gig schedules for the upcoming Sinulog event.

– To organize the Black Coffee Sundae reunion gig happening this month.

– To release the album of my project band Leukemia.

– To write and record songs for the bands Kage and Fragile Muse.

– To play more gigs, events, and concerts.

– To travel around the country and explore the fine beaches.

– To lessen my intake on malt. *Good luck in doing so!

What’s your resolution?

And the string lords has cometh once again..

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Once again, the annual guitar festival is upon us.

I’ll be playing with 6 guitarists for this upcoming event which will kick off next week.

These are the band/guitarists sked for Nov 24-28. Note that on thur. to sat., we will be using the deck outside of The Outpost as our stage. The rest of the days, the bands will play inside The Outpost. *I’ve indicated our gig sked, so do check us out as well.

Tuesday Nov. 24
1. Chris Amores (Donkeys of the Burning Barn)
2. Luis Quibranza (Bethany)
3. Angelo Quibranza (Bethany)
4. Adriane Nellas (Drop Out Club)
5. Archie Uy (Drop Out Club)
6. Ongkii Sayson (Undercover Grasshoppers)
7. Cilee Kuizon (Undercover Grasshoppers)
8. Mark Cortes (Rescue A Hero)
9. Carlo Villarica (Rescue A Hero)
10. Paul Aguilar (The Line Divides)
11. Sergie Taga (The Line Divides)

Wednesday Nov. 25

1. Rommel Santiago (A2Z)
2. Lito Fajardo (PG 18)
3. Ian Zafra (Sheila And The Iinsects)
4. Bisoy (Sheila And The Iinsects)
5. Philip Muaña (Worry Free TV)
6. Jonas Camomot (Worry Free TV)
7. Blues Bonanza
8. Russel Babatingan (The Ire)

Thursday sked Nov.26:

1. Paul Caca        –    8:00-8:25
   2. Jake of Adlib    –    8:25-8:50 3. Joel Oportu       –    8:50-9:15
   4. Scott & Rio       –    9:15-9:40
   5. Prudence Salutillo   –   9:40-10:05
   6. Kathy Fehringer      –   10:05-10:30
   7. Jan-Daryl Bantug    –    10:30-10:55
   8. Tito Quijano            –    10:55-11:20
   9. Jonathan Tejano      –    11:20-11:45

Friday Nov 27:

   1. JimBeam Frontman 2009 (The Ultimate Rockista Search Contest)
   2. The Dark Side Project      –    10:00-11:00
   3. Arciemon World Music Assembly      –    11:00-11:45
   4. Jimmik Sacro/Jam Quijano/Archie Uy SuperGroup      –     11:45-12:30
   *5. Manny Amador/Carlo Borromeo/Jon Vistal Super Group     –     12:30-1:15 am
   6. Benjie Rigor     –     1:15 am onward

Saturday Nov 28:
   1. Sam Codilla/Lloyd Escario/Matie  SuperGroup       –     8:00-8:45
   *2. Lawrence Ostrea/Joy Dindin/Stuart Abella  SuperGroup      –    8:45-9:30
   3. Cattski Espina/Lui Castillo/Cilee Kuizon/Ruth Baracao/Tara Uy/ Alphecca     9:30-10:15 Perpetua SuperGroup
   4. Bass Collective SuperGroup – Jay Young/John Cinco/Christopher Mañuz/Teban Go/Brian Sacro/Garret/Pesodas/ Johnus Verdida/ Jeremie Lim/Czedric/Fernadez//Wesley  Chiongbian      –      10:15-11:00
   5. Jaan Quijano/Dave Gonzales/Josh  Supergroup      –      11:00-11:45
   6. Paul Canada/Franklin Veloso/Randy Pages  SuperGroup       –     11:45-12:30
   7. Noli Aurillo        –      12:30-1:00 am
   8. Dondon Luche/Henry Tradio/Arnold Ang Super Group    –    1:00-1:45 am
   9. All Star Jam    –    1:45 am onward
So don’t miss out on this event….Rock and Roll!